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After years of working with other precast solutions, we decided it was time for something better. With an extensive grasp on the alternative wall solutions available, our team set out to develop a system that was more efficient in all aspects of usage. Uwall™ engineers compiled a comprehensive list of the disadvantages that caused distress in retaining wall construction projects. The prominent issues were the footprints of the construction sites, the cost of materials, and most importantly, the time of construction. With the Uwall™ retaining wall system, we’ve abated all of these things by keeping engineers in mind.

Illustration of a Uwall block

Uwall™ is a gravity & MSE retaining wall system, designed by engineers for engineers, that allows for faster installation, leaves a smaller footprint, and can be built to unlimited wall heights. The system can be erected with any selected batter and requires no bracing during construction, eliminating some of the overhead in construction costs. Without sacrificing any strength, Uwall™ was developed to have high shear values between each course while requiring less fill to support the wall. The system is an interlocking wall unit with multiple engineering attributes such as unlimited tieback systems, slide correction for walls in distress, deep foundations and multiple post tensioning systems.

We believe in efficiency. Save up to 50% of construction time on your next project with a system that was engineered to redefine retaining wall projects. Start with Uwall™ and finish faster.

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Uwall™ 2' Detail
Uwall™ Application Drawing 1
Uwall™ Application Drawing 2
Uwall™ Layout Drawing
Uwall™ Layout Drawing 2 - Sample
Uwall™ Plan and Elevation View
Uwall™ Standard Detail
Uwall™ Standard Detail with Form Liner Finish
Uwall™ System Notes
Uwall™ Wingwalls with Rigid Bridge Layout Drawing - Sample

Uwall Manuals

Uwall™ Construction Manual

CAD Details

2' 12in Extension Front Elevation
2' 12in Extension Side Elevation
2' 18in Extension Front Elevation
2' 18in Extension Side Elevation
2' 24in Extension Front Elevation
2' 24in Extension Side Elevation
2' 6in Extension Front Elevation
2' 6in Extension Side Elevation
2' Front Elevation
2' Side Elevation
2x8 12in Extension
2x8 18in Extension
2x8 6in Extension
2x8 Standard
2x8' 24in Extension
4' 12in Extension Front Elevation
4' 12in Extension Side Elevation
4' 18in Extension Front Elevation
4' 18in Side Elevation
4' 24in Extension Front Elevation
4' 24in Side Elevation
4' 30in Extension Front Elevation
4' 30in Side Elevation
4' 36in Extension Front Elevation
4' 36in Side Elevation
4' 6in Extension Front Elevation
4' 6in Extension Side Elevation
4' Front Elevation
4' Ruduced Stem Side
4' Side Elevation
4x8 12in Extension
4x8 18in Extension
4x8 24in Extension
4x8 30in Extension
4x8 36in Extension
4x8 6in Extension
4x8 Reduced Stem
4x8 Standard
Uwall™ Plan


Uwall™ Standard Specifications